Oranges in No Man's Land

Macmillan ISBN 10: 0330445588, ISBN 13: 978-0330445580

Macmillan ISBN 10: 0330445588, ISBN 13: 978-0330445580

Ayesha doesn't know why they're fighting. But she does know that war has ripped her city in two - and that the enemy lives on the other side of no man's land.

Since her mother died in a shell attack and her father left the country to find work, Ayesha has lived in a battle-scarred building with her granny and her two little brothers. Now Granny has run out of medicine and it looks like she's going to die too.

But Ayesha won't let that happen. She'll do anything to find a doctor, even make the forbidden journey across the dangerous and desolate no man's land...







Winner of the Hull Children’s Book Award

Shortlisted for the Canadian Surrey Schools Book of the Year Award and the North East Book Award

Foreign Editions include USA and Japan