The Witching Hour

Macmillan ISBN 978-0230-73679-5

Macmillan ISBN 978-0230-73679-5

In seventeenth century Scotland, everyone knows that the Devil is real.

Everyone knows that witches exist.

Everyone knows that saying the wrong thing can get you hanged.

When her grandmother is accused of witchcraft, sixteen-year-old Maggie has to run for her life. With King Charles's soldiers on the march across the Scottish Highlands, nowhere is safe - certainly not Ladymuir, where Maggie's uncle is determined to defy the king. And wherever she goes, Maggie takes her problems with her. When an old enemy turns up at Ladymuir and settles in as on one of the family, Maggie is sure that trouble will result, but even she can't imagine anything as awful as betrayal, imprisonment and the prospect of transportation - or even death.





Shortlisted fr the Royal Mail Award