Secret Friends

ISBN 9781529015409

ISBN 9781529015409

I’m delighted that Macmillan are reissuing an updated Secret Friends in a smart new cover, with lovely illustrations by Aleanna Harris. This story about friendship, bullying and growing up might break your heart, but I hope it will warm you too.

Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

The 2019 Edinburgh International Book Festival

Age 3 - 6

Age 3 - 6

Ages 10 - 14

Ages 10 - 14

August means one thing to me, and that’s the Edinburgh Book Festival. I’m so pleased to be doing two events this year. On Thursday 22nd August I’ll be in the Imagination Lab, with my new book Grobblechops, and my teddy. I’ll be telling the story to people aged 3-6, and parents too of course!

On Friday 23rd August I’ll be back in the Imagination Lab to talk about my new novel for older children, A House Without Walls. Please come and meet me!


Boy in Azraq.jpg

The Year Seven Book Group in Bosworth Academy in Desford, Leicestershire, has been taking part in the 7x7 project. They took up the challenge I set them after they’d read “Welcome to Nowhere” and raised an impressive £150.70 for the Mandala Trust, who will pass the money to special schools for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Mrs Griffiths wrote to tell me how they did it:

  • We asked our Y7 students to bring donations/contributions, when dressing up for World Book Day

  • We also held cake sale, where members of our book group baked some yummy cakes & sold them at break & lunchtime to raise money - this proved very popular ;)

  • We had a little guessing game - we asked students & staff to have a go at guessing how many books are in our school library

  • We also held a book sale - students donated books they no longer need, to sell to other students

Great ideas, Bosworth Academy, and I can tell you that the kids in Azraq school will be delighted with the help you’ve given them.

Here’s one of them, giving you a wave!

Authors for Oceans and BBC Authors Live


I’m proud to be one of the "Authors for Oceans". We’re a group of authors who are working together to talk about the damage to our fragile earth’s oceans, and try to find ways to help. Here's our website:

A great time at the BBC in Glasgow with Lauren St John talking about our books and ocean conservation. Here’s the link:

Here’s Lauren St John talking about how she swam with a baby dolphin, and so much more…