Perth Academy Cake Sale

Thank you Perth Academy Book Club for raising £80 for Syrian refugees with your brilliant cake sale. I just love those "reader emoji" gingerbread biscuits! Thanks, too, for sending the pictures below.

The money you raised will go to help a family who were bombed out of their home in Dara'a. They set off on foot, and walked through the night to the outskirts of Damascus. Their little boy had suffered burns, and they used the last of their money to pay for his treatment. They managed to make themselves a shelter under a bridge, using cardboard, scraps of metal and pieces of wood.

One of our supporters in Syria found this little family, and used some of the  money our charity had raised  to rent them a room for six months. What will they do when the six months are up? The rent will need to be paid again. And they need food and medicine, they need to wash themselves and their clothes. Above all, they need to know that someone is there who is helping them.

 On the Welcome to Nowhere page, you'll find news of the Hope School, the special school in Jordan which is helping young Syrian and Iraqi refugees to start on their educational road.

Welcome to Nowhere shortlisted for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2018!

It's a great honour to be shortlisted for the wonderful Scottish Teenage Book Prize, along with authors Caghlan Smith and Danny Weston. Writing a book is a sort of magic. There I sit, in my lonely study, scribbling away, and a year later the words scrawled on the page have miraculously appeared in a book. Now, thanks to being shortlisted, children all over Scotland will be reading them, seeing what I've seen, feeling what I felt and, I hope, loving my characters as I love them.

Here's the link to the Scottish Book Trust website if you'd like to find out more.

Please go to the Welcome to Nowhere and the Hope School page for more news from Jordan.