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The Year Seven Book Group in Bosworth Academy in Desford, Leicestershire, has been taking part in the 7x7 project. They took up the challenge I set them after they’d read “Welcome to Nowhere” and raised an impressive £150.70 for the Mandala Trust, who will pass the money to special schools for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Mrs Griffiths wrote to tell me how they did it:

  • We asked our Y7 students to bring donations/contributions, when dressing up for World Book Day

  • We also held cake sale, where members of our book group baked some yummy cakes & sold them at break & lunchtime to raise money - this proved very popular ;)

  • We had a little guessing game - we asked students & staff to have a go at guessing how many books are in our school library

  • We also held a book sale - students donated books they no longer need, to sell to other students

Great ideas, Bosworth Academy, and I can tell you that the kids in Azraq school will be delighted with the help you’ve given them.

Here’s one of them, giving you a wave!