The hope school

Bringing hope to refugees in Jordan

If you've read Welcome to Nowhere, you'll know that Omar and his family have had a really hard time, having to run away from their home in Syria and escape into Jordan. They've managed to make a go of life in Za'atari refugee camp, but it certainly hasn't been easy. The awful thing is that there are millions of Syrians like Omar and Musa who have had to flee, leaving everything behind them. They've gone to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and some have been brave enough to risk the dangerous journey to Europe.

There are more than a million Syrians now in Jordan, but only 20% of them live in the refugee camps. It's hard enough for them, but even worse for most of the refugees who live outside. In the camps, there are at least cabins for people to live in, as well as schools and hospitals. Outside, there's practically no help for refugees and they have to manage on their own, with no money and no chance to work.

It's worst of all for the children. Most Syrian kids in Jordan have no schools to go to. They're missing their chance in life, and with no education it's going to be really tough for them in the future.



The Jordanian people have been heroic in the help they've given the refugees in their country. Now, one in five people in Jordan is a refugee. If that was true in the UK, there would be 5,000,000 extra people here. But it's tough for the Jordanians. Their country is not rich, and they need help from the rest of the world too.

But some people are trying to help, and The Hope School, along with the Al Rahlan School, is giving some children the chance to go to good schools, with compassionate teachers who understand the terrible times they've been through.