Our now! Grobblechops is my new picture book! It's published by Tiny Owl and illustrated by the wonderful Jenny Lucander.

Amir is scared of the dark, and a monster who might come in the night. And what if the monster’s mum and dad come too?

Grobblechops joins Tiny Owl's other titles in their fabulous Tales By Rumi series. Who would have thought that a poet and scholar from Iran eight hundred years ago would have so many marvellous stories to tell?


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Ethiopian children listening to a storyteller. Illustration by Eric Robson

Ethiopian children listening to a storyteller. Illustration by Eric Robson

the ethiopian story collecting project

The Ethiopian Story Collecting Project websites contain the hundreds of stories I collected during my long and exciting travels in Ethiopia. www. can be read either in English or Amharic. It contains over 300 stories in the unedited language of the translators. contains more than 80 stories which I've rewritten in simple English for learners to practise their reading. There are comprehension exercises attached to each story to help achieve reading fluency, and you can listen to the stories being read out too. It's lovely to see that our two unique websites are still attracting thousands of visitors not only in Ethiopia but around the world. Click on the image to find out more.

You can read my account of my travels throughout Ethiopia to collect stories in The Lure of the Honey Bird, published by Birlinn Polygon.

When I say to a parent, ‘Read to a child,’ I don’t want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate.